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    1. Group Profile

      Jiangsu Yueda Group Co., Ltd.

      Jiangsu Yueda Group Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned enterprise developed during China’s reform and opening up. With over 30 years of striving, Yueda now grows to a company with 40,000 employees and over 60 billion yuan of asset, being a controlling shareholder of three listed companies, i.e., Yueda Investment (600805), Yueda Mining (HK0629) and Taiwan TexRay (1467). Yueda has achieved a comprehensive sales volume over 100 billion yuan, with profit and tax over 10 billion yuan, ranking the 6th in Jiangsu Province and No. 1 in North Jiangsu.

      Sticking to the strategy of “diversified conglomerate and professional sub-companies” and the culture of “common happiness and prosperity”, Yueda has built a system of 8 industry platforms (Yueda Investment, Yueda Energy, Yueda Trade, Yueda Mining, Yueda Real Estate, Yueda Capital, Yueda Auto Development and Yueda Health) and 2 business divisions (Comprehensive Management and Emerging Industries).

      Yueda cooperates with world renowned enterprises such as Hyundai Kia (Korea), Carrefour (France), Triumph (Germany), Aunde (Germany) and Costa (UK), leading Yueda to a successful road of industrialization driven by internationalization and contributing a great deal to the development of Yancheng and North Jiangsu.

      During the thirteenth five-year period (2016-2020), Yueda will actively respond to the call for developing the city by industries and the automobile strategy, while insisting on professional team to run the business with Yueda characteristics based on a state-owned platform with private mechanism. On one hand, Yueda will vigorously carry forward the new spirit of “Loyalty, Passion, Profession, Creation and Execution”; on the other hand, Yueda will firmly stick to the main business of automobile, while upgrading traditional industries and cultivate emerging industries, carrying out the new mission of creating values to customers, providing platforms for employees, making profit for shareholders, nurture industries for the city and making greater contributions to the society, trying to realize the objective of being a world-class enterprise with over CNY 200 billion of business income, and making greater contributions to the realization of a moderately well-off society and a strong, prosperous, beautiful and civilized Yancheng.

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