Yueda Auto Development – 银河网上娱乐

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          Yueda Auto Development

          Yueda Auto Development Company is a newly established investment company based on Yueda Group’s strategy of “diversified conglomerate and professional sub-companies”. It mainly deals with investment and management of auto related industries, including manufacturing of completed vehicles, auto parts, auto services, etc.. The company was established in 2015, with registered capital of CNY 500 million and total asset of CNY 3 billion. In 2015, it realized a business income of CNY 4.5 billion and net profit of CNY 300 million. It cooperates with Top 500 Global enterprises and world famous enterprises like Hyundai Mobis from Korea, Faurecia from France, Taiwan Glass, Nippon Sheet Glass Company from Japan, ShinMaywa Industries from Japan, Johnson Controls from the US, Dover from the US, etc.., leading the company to a road of industrialization driven by internationalization.

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