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          1. Yueda Capital Corporation, established in September 2011, with a registered capital of CNY 2.5 billion, is a significant platform of financial businesses and related businesses for Yueda Group. There are now 120 employees, including 2 doctors, 23 postgraduates and 82 graduates.

            Since establishment, the corporation has focused on the development mode of “1+N”, and has set up three major business sectors, including debt financing services, equity financing services and wealth management. With rapid development, the asset grows from CNY 800 million in 2011 to almost CNY 10 billion now, with all kinds of paid tax reaching CNY 224 million.

            By 2020, the corporation tries to make the asset above CNY 53 billion, the business income above CNY 3.8 billion and net profit above CNY 1 billion, contributing more to the local economic development.

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