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            Yueda Mining Holdings Limited, incorporated in Cayman Islands in June 2001, was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on November 29 in the same year, being the first red chip issued in Hong Kong by a company from Jiangsu. The main businesses include exploration, exploitation, processing and sale of zinc, lead, iron and gold mine stones.

            For the nonferrous metal mines, bases of nonferrous metal mines have been established with an annual output of over 5 million tons of metal, being an important profit growth point for Yueda Group. In Yunnan, Yueda invested 3 Lead-Zinc mines and a zinc-iron mine; In Inner Mongolia, Yueda invested Ongniud Banner mining project; In Shaanxi, Yueda invested Daqian Lead-Zinc mining project and Wujiawan gold mine project; In Gansu, Yueda invested Dangchang Lead-Zinc mining project; In Tongling Anhui, Yueda invested a gold mine.

            With the growth of economy and wide application of metals and due to the unrenewable nature of mine resources, it is expected that these projects will bring about abundant return for the company. 

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